Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

– Steve Jobs
Elkins Machine Detroit

Vision Statement:

To provide an environment of continuous improvement that ensures and inspires a “can do” attitude in all of our associates, thereby assuring best-in-class products, tremendous service and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Mission Statement:

To surround our best quality products with an emphasis on long-term, profitable business relationships; a highly skilled, educated, experienced and versatile workforce; prompt professional processing of orders; and a fast, efficient delivery system.

About Quality Beyond Expectations

“We take all necessary steps to ensure that all processes and parts we produce meet and/or exceed the expectations of our customers – and even ourselves.”
Paul Adkins, shipping and receiving manager

“I think that quality beyond expectations is a goal that should match everyone’s desire to become better at what they are doing – a desire to progress as a professional and as part of a successful company.”
Radu Stingu, CNC manager

About Complete Customer Satisfaction:

"It goes from the beginning to the end of the job. The products are produced on time with zero defects, packaged correctly and shipped on time. And, if there are any problems, we are on top of the issue and in communication with the customer until the issue is solved and the customer is satisfied.”
Paul Adkins, shipping and receiving manager

About Continuous Improvement in Process and Products:

“In some instances, unfortunately, the match between the company ideals and individual ideals is not as close as desired. This is where continuous improvement really becomes a goal and getting all the members of the team focused on quality becomes the mission through and improvement of processes … this is our work in progress.”
Radu Stingu, CNC manager

“We not only improve our machinery, but use extensive ongoing training to improve the knowledge of our team of associates.”
Mike Nicastro, screw machine and tool making manager