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Elkins Machine Detroit



Elkins Machine & Tool provides its customers with the finest quality custom-manufactured screw machine products in the industry, and has been doing so for decades.

Sitting within a four-building, 60-000-square-foot campus in Romulus, MI, just second from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Elkins specializes in Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Aluminum and Plastic.

Stainless Steel (303, 306 and 316) is a focus of Elkins’ work in the paint fittings and valves market, while other areas of interest include work in automotive performance enhancement, plumbing, food and beverage, medical and marine. Elkins’ Steel focus includes the automotive and automotive aftermarket areas, along with many others, and customers should note that this facility specializes in pre- and post-welding and pre- and post-heat-treating (hard) machining.

Priority fields of Brass expertise include automotive, plumbing fittings, valve components fasteners and fluid/air manifolds, among others. Elkins’ Aluminum work has focused on manifolds, cylinders, construction-support, valves and fittings, RV/ATV-support and automotive production and automotive aftermarket work, among others.

Elkins’ work in Plastics has primarily served the valve industry, in addition to work in fasteners, Marine components, automation, conveyor systems, material handling and medical, among others. Much of the company’s plastics’ work has been used in safety systems.

For those seeking work in exotic materials, the company’s work includes among its vast portfolio machining in following grades of steel: 416, 416 heat-treated, 174 PH, 309, 321, 440 and 409. Composite materials’ experience includes glass-filled Teflon, urethane, layered metallic, copper and bronze.

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