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Elkins Machine Detroit

Secondary Operations


Elkins Secondary Operations Department is a 15-member, 8,000-square-foot division of the plant. It specializes in seating and threading, Stainless Steel, 1018 Steel and working with other exotic metals. It offers a wide-range of general experience and highly specialized capabilities, CNC and assembly including:

Computer Numerical Control (CNC):

Milling / Drilling / Tapping / Multiple Positional Drilling, Milling and Tapping / Haas CNC VMC with 4th and 5th Axis


"O" Ring Assembly / Crimping / Pneumatic Press Fit / Kitting / Punching / Pre-Welding-Brazing Assembly

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Machine Inventory:

15 Hardinge Turret Lathes: 2 Push Button; 1 Cut Off; 2 Tool Room; and 10 Standard Turret



Internal threading / External threading / Precision Drilling / Precision Reaming / Internal and External Seating / Cross Drilling / Multiple Holes with Complex Angles / Milling (Hex, Screw Slot, Wrench Flats, Key Ways) / Broaching / Precision Boring / Stamping / Assembly / Knurling (diamond, straight) / Cut Off / Forming / Prototype / Grooving / Recessing / Counter Sink / Deburring / Tree Pan and Face Grooving / OD Grinding / Thread Rolling / Tumbling / Multiple Position Drilling and Milling / Tapping / Identification Stamping / Staking / Tube Assembly / Tube Bending / Burnishing

What type of equipment do you have in your secondary operations?
Hardinge Speed lathes, Hardinge Turret Lathes, Bridgeport Knee Mills, Speedy Cut Tapers, Kent Owens Mills, Leeland Gifford Drill Presses, Clausing Engine Lathe and various drilling units.
What types of work do you perform in this department?
Drilling, Tapping, Threading, Turn Seats, Broaching, Reaming, Cross Drilling, Face Grooving (aka Tree Pan), Milling, Slotting, Hex Milling, Stamping, Engraving, Cut-Offs, recessing.
Do you have CNC machines in your secondary department?
Yes, we have 2 Haas VF2 VMC with 4th and 5th axis capabilities. Elkins’ tool making includes Electrical Discharge Machining (wire EDM), which can be accomplished as long as the material conducts electricity. They deal in widths from 10/1000ths to a height of just under seven inches. The EDM process can enables the operator to even run production jobs on it. Elkins still can grind tooling if the specifications call for that.
Can you run prototype parts?
Yes, typically we can produce prototype parts up to 8” diameter and 60” in length.
Do you service secondary operations on other screw machine components supplied outside of Elkins Machine?
Yes, upon review and quotation, we sometimes do assist in performing secondary operations for other companies that supply us with screw machine components.
Are you capable of holding tolerances within .0005 (total)?
Yes, in most cases that is within our capabilities.
Are you capable of producing finishes within a 32 micro finish?
Yes, in most cases that too is within our capabilities.
Do you practice SPC in your secondary operations department?
Yes, we practice all techniques as directed in TS16949/ISO9001 guidelines.
Are you currently operating at full capacity?
No. We are currently only running in one shift at Elkins Machine and Tool. We are capable of increase staff and/or hours for larger projects.